Monero Algorithm Change!

Apr 8th 2018

The algorithm for mining is changing! That means you have to update your miner. That will require you
to refresh the page. Many miners will stop mining until they are updated.

Please ensure all your miners are up to date. If you experience any problems, please be sure to clear your cache.

Monero Has Surpassed Electroneum

Mar 19th 2018

Back to mining XMR until things change. Happy mining!


Feb 25th 2018

Currently mining ETN (Electroneum) and paying 1.5x - 2x the rate of Monero depending on exchange rate / diffiulty

All payouts are in XMR

More breaking developments!

Feb 20th 2018

We are lowering the minimum payment threshold to 0.025 XMR. Take your money!

You Heard Correctly

Feb 10th 2018

We are lowering our fees to 18%

Happy Mining!

Alternative Currencies

Feb 1st 2018

We are currently investigating alternative currency mining

See below for Coin / Relative Profit Rate
Electroneum(ETN) $4.06

Dinastycoin(DCY) $3.57

Sumokoin(SUMO) $3.43

Karbo(KRB) $3.25

Monero(XMR) $2.16

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